How Naked and Afraid gave me a kick in the butt


When Discovery first advertised the show “Naked and Afraid”, we thought it was a weird concept and didn’t watch it even though we are avid watchers of the channel.  We happened to catch an episode one rainy Sunday afternoon and we were hooked.  Despite the awkwardness, it’s a pretty good show.

The female on the show last night, Samantha, got me thinking.  She is a single mother of two girls.  She wanted to complete the challenge for them – to show them that if their mom could do this, they could do anything they set their mind to.

I’m a mother of two girls and I want the same for them.  I want them to always follow their dreams and never settle.

From this day forward, I’ve decided to tackle my dream of becoming a full time writer with a new vengeance.  I’ve come up with a schedule where I will work hard, but also make time for my family.  Our family has some big dreams and part of us achieving those dreams is me to get my writing career off the ground.

I also miss this space, so look for me here more often.

I have a feeling if I remember these two in everything I do, I will keep going.

the girls

Monday morning reminder

Reminder for Myself

Sunday coffee and some news

coffee and ipad

I’ve missed this space.

I’ve missed sharing my life and the craziness in it.

So I’m back.

I have some exciting news.  In my absence, I’ve been writing books.  I self published them, but have since pulled them and they are going to be published by Limitless Publishing.  The first one will be out some time in January.  I’ll keep you posted.

This blog will start focusing more on my life as an author – how I “do it all”, tips, and will feature my other writer friends.

In the meantime, it’s life as usual.  Work is crazy, kids are good.  We did add a furbaby to the family – a cat named Minion.  I’ll share more about how that happened on a later date.  We went to South Dakota this summer and ventured into Wyoming one day – at state we fell in love with and hope to live in one day.

So stay tuned and follow me on this venture, it will be a wild ride.