For the longest time, I always wanted to go play bingo up at our local casino.  It just seemed like something really fun to do.  It was always hard to find a time to go as it was during the day while I was at work or later at night.  They had bingo on the weekends, but it was always crazy busy and not worth fighting all the people.

A few years ago (way before children), I had a Friday off with nothing to do.  My mom took the day off of work and we headed to the nearby casino with my aunt and her friend.  We were bingo novices, but it was fun to watch all the little old ladies that were hardcore bingo players. Some must have had about 10-15 cards they were playing!  And then there were all of their daubers.  I am pretty sure I saw a few ladies with up to 10 different colored daubers.  Obviously this bingo playing was a little more than just recreational for them.  I think we had as much fun watching all the others players as we did playing ourselves!  None of us ever won, but we had a great time anyway.

I haven’t been back to the casino to play bingo since that day.  It was fun, but it’s just hard to find the time.  Now I have children and days off are used for family time or to stay home with them when they are sick.  Thanks to the World Wide Web, there are now other options for bingo playing, like FoxyBingo.

Maybe some night after the kids are in bed, I will check it out.  I don’t know that it will be as much fun without all the little old ladies and their dauber collections, but will be fun nonetheless.


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Laura is mom that loves to write, read, and have her morning coffee. She is busy with her husband, her two daughters, and her two dogs. You will usually find her out geocaching with the family, reading a book, or playing on her iPhone/iPad.

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