Being a grown up sucks

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Last week Thursday I snapped.

It had been a long week and I was tired.

Tired of the mile-long to-do list that never gets any shorter.

Tired of all the fighting that never ends.

Tired of a dog that tries to steal people food all.the.time.

Tired of not enough time for ME and what I want to do.

I overreacted and lost my cool.  BIG TIME.  Not with the kids or Brian though, but with the dog.


It took me awhile to get it back together.  But I did.  And went to soccer practice.  I did some writing (thank goodness for the iPhone and Evernote) and felt better.

Friday was better and by the weekend I was back to my old self.  Amazing what some rest can do for you.

It’s Monday and I am hoping for a better week.  We are off of work Wednesday through Friday and taking the girls here.  Saturday is my birthday (and my mom’s!).

What are you looking forward to this week?


Meet Laura

Laura is mom that loves to write, read, and have her morning coffee. She is busy with her husband, her two daughters, and her two dogs. You will usually find her out geocaching with the family, reading a book, or playing on her iPhone/iPad.

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