Excited About Idol? Not Me!!

I used to love watching American Idol.  Nothing was more entertaining that watching Paula, Simon, and Randy criticize and praise hopefuls every week.

You never knew what Simon was gonna say.  Would he be mean?  Nice?  His honesty was brutal at times.  And Paula?  Oh Paula….Every week we would tune in and wonder what nonsense she would mutter or if she even knew where she was.  And who could ever get enough of Randy and his “Dawg!!”

Over the years, American Idol got old to me.  It seemed to be the same thing every year, so I slowly quit watching it.  Then Simon and Paula left and I definitely lost interest.

Over the past few months, American Idol in the spotlight again.  They basically have been on the hunt for totally new judges, announcing first that Mariah Carey would be joining the show.  Not a fan really, personally.  Then, they announce Nicki Minaj.  This did not make me happy, even though I don’t watch the show anymore.  I don’t really see her as someone that can judge what is good music and what isn’t and I think she just is not appropriate for a family show.  Now they say Keith Urban is joining the show.  He is ok, but not exciting.

Like I said, I had already given up watching American Idol as it just lost it’s appeal for me, but with these new judges, I now have three more reasons not to watch the show.



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Laura is mom that loves to write, read, and have her morning coffee. She is busy with her husband, her two daughters, and her two dogs. You will usually find her out geocaching with the family, reading a book, or playing on her iPhone/iPad.

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