Pour Your Heart Out: Already Exhausted with Back to School

Last week school started for my girls.  At first I was excited.  Back to school has always been sort of a “new year” to me and a time of starting over.  This year is particularly exciting because T is in first grade and will now be in school every day instead of just Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I was determined that we would have a good year and I would stay on top of things.

We are 5 days in and I am already over it.  Not a good sign.  There was arguing already this morning because I let T get away with not doing her homework last night, thinking we could do it this morning quick.  Going to private school, my kids started school 2 weeks before their public school friends in the neighborhood.  They can all still play outside until dark and last night I just didn’t feel like being the “mean” mom making them come in super early for homework and bedtime.  We paid the price this morning with arguing and a mini-meltdown.

If I am feeling like this already like this, it’s gonna be a long school year.  I found myself already wishing it was summer break again so the kids could wear whatever they want, go to bed later, and not worry about homework and lunches and show and tell.  Then I look at the calendar.  Yeah, not even September yet.  Better find a way to get used to it.

Today was better.  My husband was out a bit early so he picked up the girls for me.  Homework was done right away and they went to bed on time.  Maybe it won’t be so bad after all.

What about you?  Do you love back to school?  How do you plan to stay organized?


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  1. Every year i seem to forget how difficult the transition back to school is. We don’t start until next week here and we are still struggling with earlier bedtimes and wake ups so the first day isn’t a complete shock to their systems.
    Robbie recently posted..Lightning Strikes
    Twitter: momma23monkeys

  2. I’ve always hated back to school time. We homeschool now, and I still kind of dread September until I remember that our transition is not as big as if they were going away all day every day.
    Patricia recently posted..I Love a Rainy Day

  3. In some ways, I like the routine of back to school. And it’s definitely easier for me to get my work done when they are in school.

    But I loved the laid back schedules of summer, not caring if the kids wanted to live in their swim trunks, getting to do fun things at the spur of the moment and not watching the clock,

    I wrote a post on Monday about how I’m staying organized this school year. ;)
    Shell recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: Not as Planned

  4. I usually like the back to school routine, I’m shocked though to hear that your private school started earlier than public, I thought it was usually the other way around!

    Stopping by from Shell’s PYHO :)
    Julie recently posted..PYHO: Professionalism

  5. My oldest just started first grade, and it’s a whole new game. As the Mom of three young ones, I have never understood why parents aren’t over the moon excited about school starting, but I get it more now. It is a lot of work and a lot of structure to keep everyone moving in the right direction.

    I still prefer school time because I have two other ones at home all day, but I admit that I’m a little nervous about keeping organized this year!

    Stopping by from Shell’s PYHO!
    The Mommy Therapy recently posted..Please Start Singing That "Back To School" Song From Grease Before Reading This Post, It Will Be More Fun
    Twitter: themommytherapy

  6. Re-establishing routines are the hardest part about the start of the school year.
    Wayne recently posted..Talent
    Twitter: profwaynewsmith

  7. I won’t lie, I’m thankful that my youngest is out of school and I no longer have to deal with the school year. It was always a nightmare. Organization is not my strong-suit.

    Good luck with getting things on track and finding your back-to-school rhythm!
    Crystal @ FP recently posted..PYHO: What Hurts The Most
    Twitter: FairyPhases

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