Pour Your Heart Out: What is this space?

Lately, I struggle with this space – what to do with it, what to write, who I am.

What do I share here?

Do I write about my struggles as a mom that works full time outside the home?

Do I share my stories of depression and how I work to overcome it?

Do I share the quick and easy recipes that I have found and love to cook for my family?

Do I write about my love of books and try to promote my other new space to share books with others?

Do I share the trials of someone who is trying to build a freelance career but is unsure if I am best at article writing instead of my true passion – fiction?

Did you know that I am actually really funny in real life?  How do I share that here with my few readers and others that happen to stumble across my blog?

These are all questions I ask myself all the time.  Of course I would love to have readers and lots of comments but I also don’t want to sell myself out.  I probably change my mind every other day on the direction of this blog.

Once upon a time I had a decent readership and then my depression and messed up life got in the way and I quit writing.  I have been working on and off for the past year trying to build it up again – without any consistency.  This is all totally my own fault, but it all boils down to the questions above – Who am I and what is the space?

Meet Laura

Laura is mom that loves to write, read, and have her morning coffee. She is busy with her husband, her two daughters, and her two dogs. You will usually find her out geocaching with the family, reading a book, or playing on her iPhone/iPad.

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  1. Sometimes the road of discovery is messy & confusing. If you keep clearing the path little by little, the journey becomes more clear.

    Sounds like you are going through some growing pains and that something spetacular will be the result!
    Keep plugging!!! :)
    Kelly recently posted..Cleaning House
    Twitter: kpugs

  2. I think you have to decide for yourself what to share. Just be you and spill it onto the screen. xo
    Shell recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: A Kind Word


  1. Why I can't plan my blog posts - Not Just 9 to 5 says:

    [...] have struggled a lot with this blog as of later, from writing regularly to knowing what to write.  I have taken classes on it and read books – how to basically plan your blog content. [...]

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