The morning after

Sebastian woke up and stretched.  He glanced over and saw Lizzie still sleeping next to him.  She looked so peaceful there and he was careful not to wake her.

The sunlight glistened off of her auburn curls sprawled across his pillow.  He touched a strand, remembering how his hands felt tangled in her thick hair as he kissed her the night before.

Sebastian couldn’t believe he had met Lizzie just the day before.  Could he really already be falling for this auburn-haired beauty in his bed?

Lizzie stirred and opened her eyes.  It took her a minute for her to realize that she was in Sebastian’s bed.  He was lying there next to her stroking her hair.

“Good morning, sexy.”

She smiled and stretched.  “Good morning.”

“How’s your head?”

“Surprisingly, not bad.  Yours?”

“Yeah, not too bad either.  Thirsty though.  I’ll get some water.”

Lizzie watched Sebastian slip out of bed and walk to what she assumed was the kitchen.  She sat up in bed, wrapping the sheet around her.  She couldn’t believe she had just spent the night with him.  And after just meeting him the day before!  Something felt so right though and she was sure he felt it too.

Sebastian came back to the bedroom with two glasses of cold water.  He handed one to Lizzie and she took a drink.  She downed it all and handed the glass to him.

“Much better!!”

Sebastian chuckled. Damn, she looked sexy naked in his bed with her wild curls framing her face.  He set the glasses down and touched her cheek.

“Do you have to be anywhere any time soon?”

Lizzie took a deep breath.  “Nope, that’s the life of a freelance writer.  I make my own schedule.”

Sebastian grinned and kissed her neck.  “Good…”

Meet Laura

Laura is mom that loves to write, read, and have her morning coffee. She is busy with her husband, her two daughters, and her two dogs. You will usually find her out geocaching with the family, reading a book, or playing on her iPhone/iPad.

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  1. Wouldn’t somebody have to go to the bathroom right after they wake up? Kidneys are pretty consistent. Although some people like sex on a full bladder…who am I to judge?

    I liked how you interplayed the hair throughout the scene, through flashbacks and the present. Sort of made me want to touch her hair, too!
    Tina recently posted..Red Writing Hood: And Her Glory Shone All Around

  2. Red-heads have all the fun, I’m sure of it. LOL

    I’ve always wondered about characters who wake up looking attractively tousled. I think I’m going to write a book in which the heroine wakes up with their hair looking like mine does in the morning–sticking up in all directions as if it’s been styled by an over-salivating camel.
    NC Narrator recently posted..Waves Of Grace

  3. I like how the hair is just a complement to the story, not the whole thing. But now I want to know what happens next!
    Amber recently posted..The Language of Hair.

  4. First of of all…. LOVE the girl in your header image! LOL! She’s the same as mine!

    I would like to see how the relationship plays out… will it lead to something more or just a fling?

  5. This is great! A little steamy, but not overt. A little mysterious, but not confusing. I like it!
    The M Half recently posted..Fiction Friday: Tresses
    Twitter: themhalf

  6. I like how you used hair as recurring theme throughout the piece. :)
    idiosyncraticeye recently posted..Hair

  7. the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Will we get to see this expanded, perhaps how they met?
    Carrie recently posted..Red Writing Hood: Loss

  8. I’m a sucker for love-at-first sight (or love-at-first-morning-together) romances. :-) Although… it all sounds so perfect it makes me wonder if there’s something shady that will happen later!
    Venus recently posted..Red Writing Hood: Lather, Rinse, Remember
    Twitter: VenusLeeloo

  9. Sexy and fun- love! And the details like the water, the sheet, the curls, are perfectly placed and timed- not too much, not too little.
    Galit Breen recently posted..Wisps of Hair
    Twitter: galitbreen

  10. Using her tousled curls to anchor the moment is a nice choice. I’m always skeptical of love-at-first-whatever stories, but that often acts as a hook. I am curious what brought them together and what might or might not come of it.
    Cameron recently posted..Six OysterFestivus Photos

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