Write On Edge: It’s 8:00

I look at the clock on my computer. It’s only 8:00 AM. It’s going to be a long day. I am super glad that it’s Friday, but if I am already counting the minutes this early, that’s not good. I take a sip of coffee and hope that the caffeine gets me going some. I read a few quick emails and then check msnbc.com for the latest news and gossip. I am annoyed that all the gossip sites are talking about is the Kim Kardashian divorce so I close my browser.

I check the calendar to make sure there are no meetings that I have to be ready for today. Meetings on Fridays are no fun at all. I am relieved to see that my schedule is clear for the day.

My friend and I then discuss the latest candidate for our list of celebrities that can just go away (see Kim K above).

I decide to head for more coffee. When I return to my desk, I pull up my latest buy and decide it’s time to get to work and buy some parts. Maybe that will make the day go faster.


Meet Laura

Laura is mom that loves to write, read, and have her morning coffee. She is busy with her husband, her two daughters, and her two dogs. You will usually find her out geocaching with the family, reading a book, or playing on her iPhone/iPad.

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  1. 8 AM is an evil time to have to be working. Just sayin’.

    Great job with the prompt–I like how you start your workday.
    Tina recently posted..Red Writing Hood: 8:00 PM

  2. Wow, working at 8am is unfathomable for me. I’m not even awake that early. Great post.
    Alison at Mommy is a Power Ranger recently posted..Eight AM

  3. I haven’t been to work at 8am for a couple of years… but this took me right back to it! Those first few tasks, first few chats with co-workers before the day really begins. I hope you don’t have any meetings today!

    • I am sure most people that start out their day in the office this early probably do it much the same. Thanks for stopping by!
      Twitter: laura1075

  4. I used to start my workday at 8 am – this really brought me back!

  5. ahhhh gotta love the early start to a loooong work day.
    christina recently posted..8am

  6. Ah yes, the Friday grind. And I agree, meetings on Fridays are the worst! I hope your gay goes quickly!!
    Venus recently posted..Red Writing Hood: It’s 8:00, do you know where you children are?
    Twitter: VenusLeeloo

  7. Ugh. Fridays. I agree, plowing through the tasks makes it go by faster.

  8. So very relatable- grinding through our work, distracted by our computers, and craving some coffee (and lots of it!)!
    Galit Breen recently posted..Saturday Night, at 8:00
    Twitter: galitbreen

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